Venetian blinds are versatile, practical, and durable. It’s no wonder they are such a popular choice for home and office window coverings. Nevertheless, even the sturdiest Venetian blinds can develop some problems - cords break and slats can be damaged. Fortunately, you can usually fix many of these problems in just a few steps, and you’ll often find there are Venetian blind repair kits with all the materials you need. Let’s take a closer look.

Replacing Venetian Blind Cords

Before you start replacing the cord, you should inspect your blinds and see how the cords work. Broken or frayed cords should be replaced, but you’ll want to look at an intact cord and see how things work. From the bottom of the cord (where there is usually a tassel or plastic end), strings rise up through a gravity catch across the top of the blinds and through holes in the slats. There is also a set of strings that are shaped somewhat like a ladder which work to rotate the slats. If you think you need help remember the cord system, just take some photos with your phone or digital camera.

Remove your blinds from the window and ensure your replacement string is an appropriate length. Find reparacion persianas barcelona at the top and bottom of the blinds. Most access points are easy to identify at the top of the blinds, and at the bottom you’ll usually find some kind of cap or slide that can be removed to access the string.

Disconnect the cord at one end, and always replace just one string at a time. Carefully thread the string through the base of the blinds and upwards through the holes on the blind slats. Always try to follow the same path as the original string. You’ll follow the path through the top and to the bottom of the blinds, making sure to secure the cord along the bottom rail of the blinds. You want to make a knot that won’t slip out, and you’ll notice that the blinds have a pair of holes to attach the string through.

Finally, replace the caps and rails that you had to remove to access the bottom of the string. Hang your blinds and ensure the new cord works properly.

Caring for Slats

Ultimately, you should take care with the slats on your blinds, ensuring to clean them regularly. Still, from time to time, slats will need to be replaced.